Founded in London in spring 2014 by designer Pantxika Ospital, Jentil is a unique brand of minimalist metropolitan style and eco-conscious ethics, committed to delivering tasteful, hardworking bags and accessories for contemporary city living.

Made from high quality Portuguese cork, the Jentil collection is designed in London. It comprises simple, unisex designs, created to answer the demands of modern life and technology. The current Jentil range includes bags and smaller accessories such as purses, wallets and laptop cases.


Jentil takes a natural approach to design, and using both human and animal-friendly materials is an important part of that. Jentil bags and accessories are ethically made in Portugal as well as Peta Vegan Approved . 



 In Jentil, Pantxika’s aim is to create uniquely natural products for the modern world.

Born and raised between the mountains and the beaches, near Bayonne, France, Pantxika moved to Paris to complete her design education. Having worked with fashion accessories brands for years, Pantxika relocated to London, attracted by the vibrancy and diversity the city has to offer, and yet her rural roots still inspire all her work – as evidenced by the Jentil brand name.

The Jentilak are said to be the furthest ancestors of the Basque people, they were gentle giants who roamed the land throughout the Pyrenees Mountains.  In this Golden Age, where animals, plants, trees and even the grass could talk, the Jentilak communed with nature and lived in harmony with the people, flora and fauna of Basque. It is from them that we have borrowed the Jentil name.