Nature Lover, Pantxika was inspired to create her ethical accessories following a holiday to Portugal, where she first encountered the cork industry and the local crafting community which has sprung up around it. Seeing the potential that finely-worked cork could have for making practical and stylish goods with integrity, Pantxika set about creating her own designs, and thus Jentil was born.

Want to know more, watch a remarkable talk to understand why cork is so precious


Sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable, cork is simply an amazing material. It is soft, light, flexible, resilient, and waterproof. It can be dyed and finished in many styles. It is versatile, hardwearing and natural as natural can be! Capable of retaining great strength and durability, even when worked to the thinness of fabric, cork is the ultimate ‘green’ material for the production of bags and accessories commonly made from leather, indeed it is widely known as ‘vegan leather’ or  ‘cork skin’. It’s hard to believe that this beautiful material grows on trees.

Made from the bark of the cork oak tree, which grows in the Mediterranean region, cork is harvested every nine years, without harming the tree. The trees can live up to 250 years, contributing to wildlife diversity, helping in the fight against forest fires, providing a sustainable income for the local people.